Friday, August 20, 2010

Self-Reliance And You

One of the most important traits we can develop is self-reliance, especially when it comes to our financial futures. Why self-reliance? How long do you think our government can sustain this out of control spending? Too many people have chosen to believe that the government can help them but, in reality, are allowing themselves to become trapped.
This is obviously not a place any of us should wish to be! However, due to many factors, including low self-belief, a number of people think that tying their futures to the government is the way to get through life.

A better solution is to spend less time watching TV or other forms of entertainment and work at what it may take to start your own business in a passion of your own.

By using the following template, a person can determine if they can monetize their idea. Our rewards in life are based on the goods and services we can produce and how easy or difficult we are to replace in the market.

By truly thinking, reflecting and working in a business of your passion, you will be well on your way to self-reliance!