Monday, April 27, 2009

What Would Google Do? The Long Tail

The following information is based two incredible books I found just a few weeks ago. The first title is What Would Google Do? By Jeff Jarvis and came out in 2009.
Why is this book so significant? What Jarvis has done is reverse engineer Google from the present back to when it began in 1998. The number of breakthroughs, marketing advances and changes instituted by Google are truly astounding!
Some of these are as follows:
1) The world and Google have moved or will move away from mass marketing toward niche marketing. This is further explained in another key book and resource called The Long Tail by Chris Anderson. (Both books will literally allow to “crystal ball” the future as well as where things are going in the present.) Niche marketing can be explained by understanding how online communities, such as blogs, are forming with those of similar interests. Mass marketing is working less and less due to greater fragmentation or niches within the market. This concept is very important to know and understand within any business as the rules are rapidly changing.
2) Blogging is making much of society and business more transparent in that we are receiving news and information from many sources vs. just 25 years ago when it was newspapers, certain magazines and only four television networks. These additional sources have exploded and opened up numerous outlets of information. It is the equivalent of any of the major news sources having literally thousands of fact checkers behind each story so they better be accurate!
An example, Dan Rather of CBS, doomed his career when he held to a story on President Bush and his National Guard records. The false records appeared, not with a 1970’s typewriter, but a word processor that came out years later. The bloggers got involved, fact-checked this and showed why CBS’ story was based on inaccurate information. Had Rather realized the extent of this new media called blogging, he would have quickly revised his position on this, apologized for the misinformation and changed course. Unfortunately for Rather, he was caught in an earlier era and vastly underestimated the truth-checking bloggers.
These are just two examples of how the new economy and 21st century are blowing away the industrial model of society. Only by understanding these changes will you be able to move ahead in the world and in your life! I highly recommend these books.
They are a necessary addition to any entrepreneur or business person’s resources.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What Would Google Do?

Jeff Jarvis' incredible book, What Would Google Do has sparked so much thought and reflection in just the past few days since buying it that I wanted to share some of his ideas. It will fit very well in Launching Your Dreams, Developing the Entrepreneur mindset.
1) Atoms are a drag! What does this mean? According to Jarvis, thinking along the lines of your business going in the direction of information vs. a good or product is moving from a physical form to a digital one. If you can follow Google's marketing lead and what Jarvis discusses, we should be moving into the digital world and modeling the marketing breakthroughs of Google and those who have contributed to it.
2) The intelligence of the crowd of people using the web and contributing to it in a variety of ways such as blogs. People want to be able to contribute and the internet is the great leveling field that lets all kinds of ideas out there for debate.
3) Jarvis also says, "be a platform, join a network, we can't do it all anymore and we all need to collaborate." This certainly fits what Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad business education books says. Business is a team sport and so it is true that collaborating with other masterminds in this high tech age is the way we should be going.

Understand and learn the new world of information and get unstuck from the industrial model from yesterday. The education system is still in the old model in many ways and will need to change if students are going to be able to move ahead in the world. Learning entrepreneur skills, staying up on things, remaining very agile in the market and ongoing learning has never been more important! We can not do it all and need to team up with others who "play at what we have to work at." What that means is, in my case, is to do the things I am good at such as promoting and marketing others and team up with incredibly talented young people for my website assistance and search engine optimization to name a few. Keep this in mind as you go forward with your entrepreneur skills and team up with others that can make that climb with you and reward them very well!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Launch Your Dreams! Key tips

Welcome to the first of many blogs that will help you Launch Your Dreams and coach you on developing the entrepreneur mindset. Why not use your passion, hobby or skill set and put a business around it? This is something YOU CAN DO and I will show you specific steps to take and make it happen. I will also be showing you how to set up several pillars or streams of income from your own business as you get it set up.
Tip # 1- Turn off the TV more often and think, really think, about what it is you are good at and how it would fit this value template. "Our rewards in life are based on the goods and services we produce for others and how easy or difficult we are to replace in the market." "We can have almost anything we want in this world if we help enough other people get what they want."
If your hobby, passion or skill set fit these templates of creating value, you should be able to form a business around it.

Tip #2- Think of increasing your odds of success by starting a home based business as it allows you to control your overhead costs much more efficiently. There is an excellent book out there that will give you the basics and more of how to set up a home based business. It's title is The Perfect Business by Michael LeBoeuf and he has many ideas and strategies that will help you on your way with this endeavor.

Tip # 3-Go to my website at and click on the teleseminar interviews in the business section of the "thought leaders" that are in there. The interviews last anywhere from 15-45 minutes but will give you some great ideas how business people and entrepreneurs think.

The world has changed and thinking strictly as an employee is hazardous to your future financial health and wealth! This is not to say you should quit your day job but use some of the time you have after that day job to explore and think about a business of your own. You will be making the very best investment that you can, in your own ongoing learning and financial education! You are worth it and deserve the very best life has to offer!

Launch Your Dreams!

This initial blog post and future ones will do it's best to follow Jeff Jarvis' excellent book, What Would Google Do? There are many great points in the book but one that truly stood out was "be a platform that will allow other to succeed."
Success Learning Systems Launch Your Dreams will present such a platform in that it is designed to quickly and effectively coach people how to develop the ENTREPRENEUR MINDSET and do this in 30 days or less!
How much sense does it make, in our current economy, to stand in longer and longer lines for fewer and fewer positions? Many people are doing exactly that! Consider these scenarios that are going on around the country and here are two specific examples:
There were 50 openings for firefighters in Miami and 1500 people applied for them. Or how about he college in Indiana that advertised for a $15.00 an hour janitor and received 400 applications!
Ladies and gentlemen, these are not good odds! Allow me to suggest a different and, I believe, a better pathway in this day and age.
Would if you could learn the entrepreneur mindset and create your own business with a hobby, passion or skill set of your own? How would that make you feel to be on a path that would let you control your career and financial destiny? What would you lose checking into this?
Success Learning Systems Launch Your Dreams will show you step by step how to get this control over your life and career! Included on this blog will be solid, doable tips, ideas and strategies to make this happen for you, sooner than you may have ever realized!