Saturday, April 4, 2009

Launch Your Dreams!

This initial blog post and future ones will do it's best to follow Jeff Jarvis' excellent book, What Would Google Do? There are many great points in the book but one that truly stood out was "be a platform that will allow other to succeed."
Success Learning Systems Launch Your Dreams will present such a platform in that it is designed to quickly and effectively coach people how to develop the ENTREPRENEUR MINDSET and do this in 30 days or less!
How much sense does it make, in our current economy, to stand in longer and longer lines for fewer and fewer positions? Many people are doing exactly that! Consider these scenarios that are going on around the country and here are two specific examples:
There were 50 openings for firefighters in Miami and 1500 people applied for them. Or how about he college in Indiana that advertised for a $15.00 an hour janitor and received 400 applications!
Ladies and gentlemen, these are not good odds! Allow me to suggest a different and, I believe, a better pathway in this day and age.
Would if you could learn the entrepreneur mindset and create your own business with a hobby, passion or skill set of your own? How would that make you feel to be on a path that would let you control your career and financial destiny? What would you lose checking into this?
Success Learning Systems Launch Your Dreams will show you step by step how to get this control over your life and career! Included on this blog will be solid, doable tips, ideas and strategies to make this happen for you, sooner than you may have ever realized!

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