Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What Would Google Do?

Jeff Jarvis' incredible book, What Would Google Do has sparked so much thought and reflection in just the past few days since buying it that I wanted to share some of his ideas. It will fit very well in Launching Your Dreams, Developing the Entrepreneur mindset.
1) Atoms are a drag! What does this mean? According to Jarvis, thinking along the lines of your business going in the direction of information vs. a good or product is moving from a physical form to a digital one. If you can follow Google's marketing lead and what Jarvis discusses, we should be moving into the digital world and modeling the marketing breakthroughs of Google and those who have contributed to it.
2) The intelligence of the crowd of people using the web and contributing to it in a variety of ways such as blogs. People want to be able to contribute and the internet is the great leveling field that lets all kinds of ideas out there for debate.
3) Jarvis also says, "be a platform, join a network, we can't do it all anymore and we all need to collaborate." This certainly fits what Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad business education books says. Business is a team sport and so it is true that collaborating with other masterminds in this high tech age is the way we should be going.

Understand and learn the new world of information and get unstuck from the industrial model from yesterday. The education system is still in the old model in many ways and will need to change if students are going to be able to move ahead in the world. Learning entrepreneur skills, staying up on things, remaining very agile in the market and ongoing learning has never been more important! We can not do it all and need to team up with others who "play at what we have to work at." What that means is, in my case, is to do the things I am good at such as promoting and marketing others and team up with incredibly talented young people for my website assistance and search engine optimization to name a few. Keep this in mind as you go forward with your entrepreneur skills and team up with others that can make that climb with you and reward them very well!

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