Saturday, April 4, 2009

Launch Your Dreams! Key tips

Welcome to the first of many blogs that will help you Launch Your Dreams and coach you on developing the entrepreneur mindset. Why not use your passion, hobby or skill set and put a business around it? This is something YOU CAN DO and I will show you specific steps to take and make it happen. I will also be showing you how to set up several pillars or streams of income from your own business as you get it set up.
Tip # 1- Turn off the TV more often and think, really think, about what it is you are good at and how it would fit this value template. "Our rewards in life are based on the goods and services we produce for others and how easy or difficult we are to replace in the market." "We can have almost anything we want in this world if we help enough other people get what they want."
If your hobby, passion or skill set fit these templates of creating value, you should be able to form a business around it.

Tip #2- Think of increasing your odds of success by starting a home based business as it allows you to control your overhead costs much more efficiently. There is an excellent book out there that will give you the basics and more of how to set up a home based business. It's title is The Perfect Business by Michael LeBoeuf and he has many ideas and strategies that will help you on your way with this endeavor.

Tip # 3-Go to my website at and click on the teleseminar interviews in the business section of the "thought leaders" that are in there. The interviews last anywhere from 15-45 minutes but will give you some great ideas how business people and entrepreneurs think.

The world has changed and thinking strictly as an employee is hazardous to your future financial health and wealth! This is not to say you should quit your day job but use some of the time you have after that day job to explore and think about a business of your own. You will be making the very best investment that you can, in your own ongoing learning and financial education! You are worth it and deserve the very best life has to offer!

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  1. i randomly found your blog. I thank you for your tips. My husband just graduated with a degree in Business/Finance and is now starting his own thing with a travel company. I would love to get your take on it. It seems like you know what you are talking about. Please email me I look forward to hearing from you!