Monday, May 24, 2010

Speed And Dependability

Recently, I added an additional distinction regarding those I do business with. I had started to come to this conclusion myself but had this thought accelerated by a man from the midwest who deals with many small businesses and assists their profitability.
He shared his views on this idea of speed and dependability and it really helped me get my mind around the importance of this with what I do, working as a joint venturer and deal-maker with people throughout the country.
For example, let's say I am able to put together a good deal between a person from the east coast and someone from the midwest. As we look to get this moving the east coast person is dragging their feet and not taking the steps we had agreed on to make this happen.
You can imagine the embarassment I would feel toward myself, but more importantly, with the contact I have in the midwest. The East Coast person is dropping the ball they have literally been handed!!! How many more deals do you think I will present to them? That's right! Zero!
My contact in the midwest really explained it well with his discussion of speed and dependability and how he determines if the businesses he may work with will cut it or not. If they are not showing good passion, appear to be coachable or exhibit other telltale signs of procrastination, he says he just takes a pass on them. In other words, just lets them go and moves on to others who will show the necessary traits of speed and dependability.
I have been blessed as I have a group of people I am working closely with and am at various levels of setting up or thinking about deals for all of them on a daily basis. I know if I can deliver a deal to them with the others in this group that it will get done and will be win-win-win for everyone involved!
This group is called the Big Thinkers Extra Mile Team or BTEMT for short. I am always looking for more people who will pass this threshold and join this group. If you know of additional business people who will fit this idea, please have them contact me and I would love to help them with more deals.
Speed and dependability is truly where it is at in business, today and always!!!

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  1. Really excellent distinction. I find your levels of engagement intriguing and useful.

    Also, I like to let the people who might toss deals/contacts my way all my contact info, since email can be iffy at times and if you're like me, you're not diving into the inbox every second.

    Thanks so much.