Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Delaware Beach Experience

The Delaware Beaches
After spending a week in August down in Rehoboth and speaking with a number of people there, it became very obvious why so many people visit this area every year. On a good "beach day," you can see colorful umbrellas dotting the entire region, whether they’re on the sand or at outdoor caf├ęs. Best of all, the distance to the water is never far, regardless of where you set yourself up. Rehoboth is a great location where you can relax with friends and family and enjoy the sights.

You have the choice of good restaurants throughout the town as well as a variety of activities when the swimming or sunbathing is over. Nearby on Route 1 there are the outlets, which encourage a variety of shopping experiences, or you can stay in town and find even more new and unusual purchases. I found the shop owners to be very friendly as I went through a number of shops and spoke with them and the people working there. I also got a very strong impression that most of the stores are owned by very good business people.

As far as lodging is concerned, there are nationally known hotel and motel chains as well as inns, rental homes, and bed & breakfasts. It is a good idea to contact the B&Bs early, as the ones with the best reputations fill up quickly and remain booked throughout the peak season of the summer months.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable time for our group of eleven, who stayed about two miles outside Rehoboth in a rental home. It was equipped with all the comforts you would have in your own home and worked out extremely well. Even with a large number in your group, you still have a lot of choices in that area.

With this writing, I had a "rush of brains to the head" and am working with an outstanding businesswoman who has really helped me with this information. Her name is Cindy Kalinoski, and she does great work through her sites at and I am looking forward to our association and believe she is someone you should speak with as well.

See you at the shore?

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